Detroit: Become Human is a game set in a future filled with androids. 

but this world had to start somewhere...

Introducing the CyberLife Skill for Alexa

CyberLife's first ever creation.


CyberLife model 1.0 was not only the first android of its kind, but also the first Amazon Alexa skill of its kind.

Our skill added a layer of backstory to the Detroit: Become Human demo, giving fans a more in-depth gameplay experience.


Two ways to ask:



Put your detective skills to the test and get a deeper look at anything—or anyone you find in the demo.


Find out how things could have gone differently by saying, “Alexa, ask CyberLife why…” followed by your outcome on the in-game flowchart.


If you don't ask, you'll never know.


We encouraged fans to immerse themselves in the demo, with videos teasing what they might uncover.

Our instructional video broke down how to initialize and use the skill.

We launched the CyberLife skill with a Let's Play, streamed live on

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.18.49 PM.png

Which can be viewed here:


Our skill got press all over the internet, including:


"...players will receive extra information about the world they're playing in...with insights as to how your decisions could have led to a different outcome. That sounds pretty neat..."

"...Alexa can help you detail elements of the crime scene...and even learn about possible alternate endings. Sony also hinted at possible Easter eggs with the skill, but didn’t specify exactly what these would be..."



Our CyberLife Skill was the first of its kind, utilizing the Amazon Skill platform in a unique way.

It had an average of 3.13 sessions, outperforming Amazon’s benchmarks by over 79%.