Detroit: Become Human takes place in a future filled with sentient androids.

But all that intelligence had to start somewhere.

Introducing CyberLife’s first-ever prototype creation.


The Internet loves breaking down Easter eggs in games. So we created an Alexa skill that does it for you.

You could ask our skill about anything found in the demo…


…and some things that weren’t in there, too.


The skill even told you how to replay the demo to get more endings.


We promoted the skill with teaser Stories and videos on social.


We launched the Skill with a Let's Play on IGN.com.


And excitement about the skill spread as fast as the impending AI-apocalypse.


"...players will receive extra information about the world they're playing in...with insights as to how your decisions could have led to a different outcome. That sounds pretty neat..."


"...Alexa can help you detail elements of the crime scene...and even learn about possible alternate endings. Sony also hinted at possible Easter eggs with the skill, but didn’t specify exactly what these would be..."

– DigitalTrends.com


Our CyberLife Skill was the first of its kind, utilizing the Amazon Skill platform in a unique way.

With an average of 3.13 sessions, it outperformed Amazon’s benchmarks by over 79%.

Our Skill lived beyond the demo, laying the groundwork for PlayStation’s new Amazon Alexa platform.

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