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We showed broke college students how to ball on a budget,

positioning eBay as the best life hack this back to school.


School Smarter with eBay

the smart squad

Our team of influencers, each an expert in their own field,
got the word out about the smartest way to shop this Back to School.


 Through a series of videos and GIFs, our Smart Squad gave tips and tricks on how to have the best school year ever.

One of my favorite Smart Squad videos was a back to school lookbook made in partnership with @CutesyGirl09.


(PS... need a stylist? I picked out the clothes in this video)


Our Smart Squad videos ran on YouTube and Pandora.

And we showed students where to splurge (or nah) with clickbait-worthy quizzes and listicles on BuzzFeed.



...And I may or may not have kept the clothes from our shoot for myself.

(I can pull off this whole influencer thing, right?)

(I can pull off this whole influencer thing, right?)